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Looking for a creative solution to your brief? Scientific accuracy is crucial, but good storytelling is what captures the audience. An increasing proportion of HCPs are digitally engaged millennials looking for compelling, time-efficient communications and practical tools to aid their patients.
Let's brainstorm together to bring your story to life!

As a medical writer, I have developed content for a wide range of clients and projects in the healthcare space. I always start with the client in mind: your strategy, goals, and the progamme concept. Quickly moving from content proposal to tactical implementation, I add depth, detail and scientific integrity to the story. The last step involves tailoring the style and format to the intended audience, platform and output: 
- E-training programmes for HCPs, affiliates and the sales force 
- Meeting attendance and reports, 'Meeting in a box' slide kits
- Primary manuscripts, reviews and white papers
- Expert interviews, video scripts and storyboards, HCP/patient surveys, interactive case studies
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Professional coaching 

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Modern life does little to bring our inner and outer lives into alignment - but do our careers have to bear the brunt? Too often, we navigate change reactively, without assessing if it brings us closer to who we truly are. Yet, success is only meaningful if defined on our own terms. While you are ultimately the captain of your ship, it helps to have someone holding a compass.

My career coaching style draws from 15 years of experience in several professional ecosystems across two continents, and uses a logical yet intuitive approach based on proven questioning and listening techniques. I have designed a stepwise programme to help you with:
- Career pathways after your degree
- Working in multi-cultural environments
- Making the most of career breaks
- Realizing your entrepreneurship vision.
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