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'Efficient' is the word that comes to mind when I think about Ileana. She is smart, talented and very organized. Above all, I was impressed with Ileana's ability to provide direction and help me explore jobs in the right path from the first coaching session.
B.M., Researcher, London

“Ileana’s greatest contribution as a coach was to categorize the type of situations I was describing and label them with very few words. This brought about a shift in my perception and understanding of what was happening. Ultimately, I felt empowered to make rational rather than emotional decisions and choose how to (or not to) react in certain situations.
I can recommend this type of coaching to any professional who has spent a number of years in their respective field and has achieved comfort in the workplace. They'll be surprised to see what a change of perspective it can bring to their own way of thinking.”
H.S., Financial engineer, London
"Ten years after Grad School, I was well established and senior - on paper. My role required little meaningful contribution, and I knew I could offer more. Some people recommend a 'career overhaul' - but this is not always practical.Ileana offers a stepwise program which is quite insightful, and she is an attuned coach. Even when she probed more in-depth, she never lost sight of what was realistically achievable. Being able to occasionally express myself in French also helped - great job, Ileana!"
F.H., Software engineer, Montréal

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